The Old Man And The Sea

Book cover design

This hand made book cover features carved wood as well as lettering based on Adobe Caslon. 

See it featured on Packaging Of The World.

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Type study

"Lit AF: Lit as f*ck"

adj. 1 -when one is highly under the influence of marijuana that normal words cannot describe.

adj. 2 -alternative phrase for awesome, hot, or cool. Can be described with fire emojis.



Room Ease is an app concept created to make living with roommates as smooth as possible. Features in the app include moving in and out checklists, bill splitting, tasks to be done and roommate interaction. 

For a prototype experience, click here.

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Wild Belle

gig posters

Wild Belle is a band from the Chicago suburbs, composed of siblings Natalie and Elliot Bergman. They create psychedelic pop, ska, funk, reggae, and jazz sounds throughout the country.

DAX Hair Care Products

Branding / packaging

DAX Hair Care Products is an affordable hair pomade brand made for those looking to experiment with different types of hair products without spending too much money.

Logo Redesign

Logo Redesign

Original Logo Design

Original Logo Design

Logo Exploration

Logo Exploration